Drawing and painting from direct observation is the first and most direct point of contact in the process and materialisation of Georgina’s paintings.

Rarely without a sketchbook to hand, her work develops from initial studies prior to development to larger studio canvases where her personal interpretation attempts to make still what is constantly changing.

Her work is varied and she utilises a range of media and surfaces dependent upon the suitability of the subject.  These include oil paint, acrylics, inks, charcoal, fibre pens, graphite and watercolours.

During the last few years Georgina has been walking in the South Shropshire hills producing a series of en plein-air sketches that have proved to be a highly inspirational and challenging experience.  In addition, studies of rocks and craggy formations have also stimulated depictions of geological drama that have spectacular structure and variety of rock types, faults, colour and texture. These practices feed and inform her studio paintings.

Her inspiration stems from the notion that we remember certain things very vividly; we have recollections of journeys, scenes, encounters, weather, sounds, atmosphere but only snatches of these moments are retained.  She regards her role as an observer of such fleeting moments where Georgina’s personal interpretation of the place describes the prism of the occasion.

At the heart of the work is an attitude; to preserve the moment.  Her expressive paintings hover between abstraction, landscape and figuration. They are a memory map of a lived experience.